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Learn How The ProductTunnel Marketplace Helps Buyers And Sellers.

About ProductTunnel

The ProductTunnel marketplace is a place for anyone and everyone to easily buy and sell stuff online, our goal is to provide the cheapest products for customers by offering the smallest fees to our sellers which enables and encourages sellers to list there products at a cheaper price.


ProductTunnel has made it very simple for anyone to securely purchase products worldwide with or without an account.

Buyers can instantly purchase products on our site using any major Visa, Debit, Mastercard, Instant Bank Transfer, eCheck or PayPal account payment. Registered buyers can also take advantage of other site features like viewing purchase history, commenting on listings, contacting authors easier and much more.

We welcome merchants of all kinds, it doesn't matter if your selling your stuff just for fun, to make a full time living from it or even to just get widgets to be-able to sell stuff from your own website we believe we have the tools to help.

Using our easy to list and sell on marketplace gives online sellers more flexibility and time to work on and create great high quality and descriptive listings without the worries of re-listings items, paying upfront selling fees, paying final sales fees or anything else involved in the majority of e-commerce marketplaces now days.

Did we mention that we also have more exporting options than all our competitors. We've made it very simple to create bulk inventory files so that you can quickly import your items to multiple websites.

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ProductTunnel has a small team of very dedicated staff that are available to help assist buyers and sellers with any and all needs they have, you may contact us at anytime and someone will always respond within 24 hours or less.

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