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When using our marketplace or dealing with other users you must respect the privacy and legal rights of other members.

All buyers, sellers and members agree that when using our website we do not allow any swear words, vulgar language, racism, profanity, threatening speech or anything that may be offensive to someone else. We ask that you do not register using an inappropriate username, please do not leave inappropriate comments or threaten other users otherwise legally and to help keep our site clean and user friendly we need to reserve the rights to suspend any account causing problems.

Buyer and Sellers agree it's always the buyers option to purchase items with or without an account. Buyers aren't obligated to register to purchase items but without an account there's no extra benefits other than being able to instantly purchase items. If the buyer pays using an eCheck the seller will not be notified to ship the item until the payment clears, once any pending payments clear the sellers will then be notified to ship the item.

As a buyer, seller, member or visitor you agree that ownership of all products remain with the sellers. ProductTunnel does not obtain any rights of ownership or use (including any intellectual property rights) in respect of the products.

All buyers, sellers, members and visitors agree that if necessary for any reason at anytime we reserve any and all rights to terminate your use of service or even block access to the ProductTunnel marketplace. It's highly unlikely that we do such a thing to a user but legally we still need to reserved the rights to prevent a user from accessing and using our site if needed.

ProductTunnel does not have any control over, and does not take any responsibility for, the quality, safety or legality of any products sold, accessed or downloaded by you from our marketplace.

ProductTunnel does not warrant that the products condition, packaging or any content, code, data or materials downloaded from our site does not infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party. All sellers are required to warrant that there products do not infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party, otherwise we still ask buyers, visitors and other members to report any bad selling practices, poor behavior or copyright content to us. We try to be the fairest marketplace but in the same time we must take things very serious as should anyone else using this site.

Sellers agree that items on ProductTunnel can be purchased and sold worldwide from any country through our marketplace although ProductTunnel only accepts the (USD) currency, United States Dollar which is the currency used in America. Our payment processing system(s) will automatically convert currencies so that customers can still purchase items using any currency needed.

ProductTunnel will always email the seller and display sales and earnings instantly and the sellers agree that they will ship there item within the time stated in there shipping policy.

Where also here to help, If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at anytime.

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